Acrystalic FAQs

Posted on 5th August 2016

Our new Acrystalic range opens up an almost limitless world of opportunities for you and your customers. We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions here but if we’ve not covered what you need to know, just get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

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What Exactly is Acrystalic?

Acrystalic combines the flexibility and robustness of acrylic shapes with the quality of an optical crystal base to create almost any shaped award.

Are there any restrictions on what you can make with Acrystalic?

Aside from your imagination there’s very few other limitations.  We can create awards in a variety of thicknesses, from 3mm to 12mm, and up to 950mm by 450mm in size.

What colours can I get Acrystalic awards in?

We can create Acrystalic in almost any solid colour you choose.  There’s even the option for neons, pastels, sparkling and pantone matched items (although these require a longer lead time).  But most people choose to have their award created in clear acrylic with a full colour print on the back so they can recreate almost any logo, image or photograph.

Can you engrave the Acrystalic award?

It is possible to engrave the acrylic part of the award but we prefer not to as the quality isn’t always as good as we’d like.  Instead, we recommend putting your wording and messages onto the base.  This can be done with normal engraving, 3D subsurface engraving or even by adding a small metal plaque that is engraved.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Our pricing bands start from 12 items.  We can do smaller runs (even single items) but these will incur a surcharge.  As with all items, the more you order the more you will benefit from the economies of scale?

What are the Acrystalic pricing options?

Because all our Acrystalic products are bespoke we don’t have a standard price list for them.  Our Customer Service team will calculate your prices based on the artwork supplied, size and thickness of the actual award, the base chosen and any additional services such as engraving or colour printing.

What type of artwork do you need?

It’s best if you can supply your chosen artwork in a vector format or a high resolution jpeg.  If you don’t have these available we can re-draw your artwork for you but this will incur an additional charge.

What are the lead times?

We aim to get the majority of our Acrystalic orders completed within 7 – 10 working days.  You can get orders within 72 hours for an express order charge, if the artwork and order volume are suitable for that service.

Can I choose the base the award sits on?

Yes, we have a range of bases available covering both flat edged and bevel edged finishes, clear or jade optical crystal and a variety of sizes.  Our origination and production teams will advise you on the best base for your design but if you have a preference you just have to let us know.

How are the awards presented?

We’ll send you your awards in a standard box, well packed to avoid any damage in transit.  If you’d like to have a satin lined presentation box for your awards, let our Customer Services team know and they will organise a quote for you.  Since all the awards are bespoke we create each of the presentation boxes to order to make sure they fit perfectly.

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