What’s the weirdest shaped award you’ve ever been asked to supply? Whether it’s a company logo, UFO or waterfall, with Acrystalic you can now say ‘No Problem’.

While acrylic offers infinite flexibility in terms of shapes that can be cut from it, it’s never really been seen as a viable alternative to crystal because of the feel and the weight of it. However, by mounting it on a crystal or glass base you can now hand over an item that looks spectacular and also feels like a quality piece.

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How It Works

The process is actually quite simple. You tell us what you shape you want cutting, how thick you want it to be and with what type of finish. We do the rest.

Our acrylic comes in a range of thicknesses so if, for example, you were posting awards abroad, you may choose a thinner option to save on weight. Alternatively, you could select a thicker size for a kid’s football team awards to make it more robust.

There’s also a wealth of options when it comes to finishes. The acrylic is available in a range of prime colours as well as frosted, sandblasted or clear. If you want to have a specific colour, or want to represent a full colour image, then select the clear and we’ll digitally print your chosen picture onto the back.

As for size, we can create anything up to 950mm x 600mm, or as small as a 10 pence piece.

What You Need

For the speediest turnaround it helps us if you already have your artwork in a vector format, but we can convert and re-draw files if necessary.

If you are wanting to recreate a logo or specific image you should also have the licence to do so, or permission from the owner of the image.

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